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9/11 Truth Protest- Adrian, MI (The Gordon John Brown Incident)

Video Link:

In an attempt to protest the 9/11 attacks, a fight almost broke out in Adrian, MI. Seen in the video, Gordon Brown a 25 year service member, was angry about the protest and the shared beliefs of the 9/11 conspiracy. He began to rant and rave about the act of protesting the attacks; subsequently holding traffic up. The situation escalated afte a man got out of his truck yelling at Brown due to him holding traffic up. The altercation turned physical as the two exchanged a puch each, resulting in Brown’s hat going flying off.

Uploaded on Oct 31, 2011

“This is what happened about 45 minutes into our 9/11 Truth protest. This man pulled up, smoking a joint while driving, stopped in the middle of a rather busy road, and began to yell at us. After about a few minutes backing up traffic a man in a Truck stopped behind him and started to yell. They got into it and then the man in the video, Gordon John Brown from Adrian, MI, threw and missed a punch at the man in the Truck. The man in the Truck landed a punch on Gordon, knocking his hat off, and drove off.  The video starts with Gordon huffing around in the middle of the street looking for his hat. We are still trying to locate the two gentleman from Traverse City, MI who joined us because they have the initial confrontation on video. Once I get that video I will be adding it to this.”

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Truth Movement Posters

Poster Identification

1. 9/11 Truth Poster 02. August 7, 2010. By Dan Bluemel · A lone poster hangs in the back room of the Unurban Cafe in Santa Monica,

2. An ordinary Grandmother, Mother, Daugher, a civil citizen voicing her opinions on the 9/11 attacks

3. Former US Senator Mike Gravel (D-AK) and Richard Gage, AIA, Founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Discuss Scientific Findings

4. It’s not unjustifiable or irrational to argue that the 9/11 attacks were designed and intended to rescue Israel from a political dissolution which was seen by many thinkers as its ultimate destiny, and to promote the cordial coalition of Bush and Bin Laden families.

5. 9/11 Visibility Project- in support of the 9/11 families’ struggle for truth poster implying the government is not telling the entire truth about the attacks

6. This is a 9/11 poster created by U.S. citizen used to advertise the screening of the A&E new documentary, Explosive Evidence.